Available at SCALA – New strokers by PDX Elite

Pipedream releases new additions to the PDX Elite collection. Available at SCALA, these new strokers promise an unparalleled level of satisfaction.

The new Moto-Milker elevates masturbation with powerful intermittent thrusting for an unforgettable stroker experience. The ultra-soft sleeve caresses the penis with every stroke, which the user can customize with 10 modes of vibration and 10 modes of thrusting. The Moto-Milker is also rechargeable (includes USB charging cord), offering hours of enjoyment.

The rechargeable Fap-O-Matic Pro fucks the cock and licks the balls at the same time! This is the best in automatic stroking action as the intermittent suction automatically drives the cock in and out, while the Hyper-Pulse design concentrates intense stimulation at the base of the balls. 

Designed to enhance visual stimulation, the transparent sleeve of the Viewtube 2 allows to be the star of the show! The inside is lined with rows of ribs and beads, while the spiral compression design creates an irresistible popping sensation as the penis pulls in and out of the ultra-soft sleeve. 

 The Viewtube Pro features intermittent suction technology, as well as a SUPER SUCTION mode that delivers constant suction action. Also, the ultra-soft clear sleeve wraps around the entire shaft while automatically sucking and vibrating!