Dreamlove closes a distribution agreement with Shunga

International Dreamlove S.A. has recently closed a distribution agreement with the Canadian company Shunga. This partnership aims to enhance the presence of Shunga’s intimate cosmetics in Spain and Portugal, focusing on improving the brand’s visibility in physical stores and enhancing product training.

By collaborating with Shunga, International Dreamlove S.A. is committed to providing customers in Spain and Portugal with access to a wide range of innovative and exciting products that promote intimacy and pleasure. This distribution agreement will not only benefit both companies but also enhance the overall experience for consumers seeking premium intimate cosmetics.

With a focus on expanding product availability and providing comprehensive training, International Dreamlove S.A. and Shunga are poised to make a significant impact in the intimate cosmetics market in Spain and Portugal. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to delivering exceptional products and services that enhance the sexual well-being of consumers.