Scala Playhouse distributes Beppy Tampons

Beppy tampons are made for women who don’t want their periods to get the better of them, and still enjoy all the activities they love such as swimming, sauna and intimate fun. They are now ready to order at Scala Playhouse.

The Beppy string-less tampons come in two varieties: wet and dry. The wet tampon contains a lacta gel for easy insertion, while the dry tampon – as its name suggest – comes without additional lubrication. Both tampons have an easy removal loop and are shaped to provide a comfortable fit. The Beppy tampons – wet or dry – are available to order in an 8-piece or 30-piece package.

The string-less tampons are just one of the various items in the Beppy assortment at Scala Playhouse. The range also includes a premium condom and a high-quality lubricant that provides a long-lasting glide.