Special Valentine’s Day selections from Scala Playhouse

Scala Playhouse has two special online selections – ‘Scala’s Kinky Selection’ and the ‘Valentine’s Day’ – that offer an instant overview of the best gift-ideas for consumers. It can be daunting to go through thousands and thousands of products to select the best Valentine’s Day stock. Scala Playhouse has therefore created two special selections, comprised by their expert sales team with the best picks for a profitable Valentine’s Day. Both selections feature products from Scala Playhouse’s own and third-party brands.

The ‘Scala’s Kinky Selection’ selection is a special category on the Scala Playhouse website containing all the BDSM-inspired choices from own and third-party brands. The Scala Playhouse team has carefully selected products that combine quality and a attractive pricing. With the upcoming release of ‘50 Shades Darker’ in February, this is a good time to profit from both the Valentine’s Day demand, as the ’50 Shades’ hype.

Although consumers are getting more adventurous, Scala also noticed the demand for ‘vanilla’ items is still high. This is where the ‘Valentine’s Day’ selection offers loved-up, romantic inspiration. To help fit in the products with the general color scheme of this loved-up holiday, the majority of items in the selection centers around pink, purple and red. Examples of items in this special category are rose petals, massage lotions and luxurious intimate wellness essentials such as delicately scented bath products.