Honey Play Box joins forces with Besharam to unveil premium pleasure products in India

Honey Play Box, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Besharam, India’s largest and premiere adult store, to usher in a new era of sexual wellness products in the country.

This partnership will feature an array of Honey Play Box’s popular toys, including the exquisite JOI, the tantalizing NAUGHTY COLLECTION, the POMI WAND, Faye and Ninja Strokers and seven other luxury pleasure products.

With its beliefs deeply rooted in making sex and pleasure available for everyone, Besharam champions self-expression without societal stigma and creative limits. The collaboration aims to further these values, presenting to the Indian adult market with a sophisticated line of products that transcend conventional methods.

We are tremendously excited about our partnership with Besharam, paving the way for Indian consumers to embrace our brand,” mentioned Leilani A. from Honey Play Box. “Our products, characterized by their craftsmanship and innovation, offer a gateway for individuals to explore their unique desires and foster a profound connection with toys from Honey Play Box.”

Echoing this sentiment, Raj Armani, the COO at Besharam stated, “Brands like Honey Play Box have demonstrated an ability to prioritize excellence both in quality, packaging and innovation in the pleasure product industry. India’s burgeoning market, marked by soaring demands for upscale brands across diverse sectors, resonates with Honey Play Box’s vision. We are elated to represent them and cater to consumers who seek quality in their lifestyle choices. As we embark on this venture, we’re confident that the Honey Play Box collection will shine luminously amidst its counterparts.”

Besharam’s vision of dismantling outdated taboos aligns seamlessly with Honey Play Box’s commitment to fostering sexual well-being,” commented Joreail Armstrong from Honey Play Box. “Together, we aim to balance premium quality with affordability, ensuring every individual has access to top-tier sexual wellness products.”

With this partnership, both brands endeavor to redefine the contours of India’s adult product market and instill confidence, promoting exploration, and championing uninhibited self-expression.