Icicles Gold Edition by Pipedream now available at Scala Playhouse

The latest, limited-time Icicles Gold Edition collection by Pipedream has landed at Scala Playhouse. The new collection combines the sensual touch of glass, with the opulent feeling of gold. The Icicles Gold Edition range comprises of various glass designs, each hand-crafted with an eye for detail. This means every Icicle is a unique piece, created to last a lifetime.

One of the designs from the Icicles Gold Edition collection that is expected to sell really well by Scala Playhouse is the G01. This sleek stimulator is curved, making it suitable for both G-Spot stimulation and as a P-Spot stimulator. It has a bulbous tip, while the ergonomic hook at the base offers extra security to prevent it from slipping. All the Icicles Gold Edition pleasure providers are made of hypoallergenic glass, with a nonporous, body-safe gold finish. They can also be heated or cooled if desired. Further information at scalaplayhouse.com.