Introducing Justin+Simon at SCALA

SCALA is excited to announce the addition of Justin+Simon to its collection of menswear brands. Justin+Simon, a Colombian brand, offers a range of ethically made men’s underwear that combines style, functionality, and exceptional comfort.

In the search for men’s underwear that not only looks good but also feels great, Justin+Simon stands out as a brand dedicated to providing high-quality products. Each piece is carefully crafted using soft, breathable fabrics that ensure a luxurious wearing experience.

One standout feature of Justin+Simon underwear is its versatility. While designed primarily as underwear, the styles are also suitable for use as swimwear. The fabric used is chlorine resistant, making it suitable for pool or beach activities. Although the underwear does not come with a liner, it maintains its opacity even when wet, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Justin+Simon is now available from SCALA.