Introducing Mystim’s Opus E series at SCALA

New and ready to order at SCALA: the new Opus E e-stim masturbators by Mystim. These designs combine masturbation sleeves with electrical currents. The new Opus E collection by Mystim, now available at SCALA, offers three realistic masturbators to choose from. Consumers can elect to enjoy a vaginal orifice, anal orifice or a donut-shaped round opening. To enjoy the electro-stim options, consumers will need to purchase an additional current device, such as the Mystim Sultry Sub, which is not included with the Opus E products.

Each new Opus E masturbator features a lifelike inner texture that transmits electrical currents from the base of the penis to the tip. The addition of electro-stimulation to masturbating fun adds a unique twist to the intimate play, sparking incredible sensations unlike anything else you will have felt before. Mystim explains: “In combination with a stimulation current device, your little man receives additional electrical impulses from the baffles to the left and right of the sleeve. You can choose the intensity of the stimulation current – or of your personal fireworks – yourself or have it chosen: from a gentle tingling to a slight twitching to a stronger pulsation. The Opus E masturbators are fully compatible with all stimulation current devices. But only with our Mystim Cluster Buster & Sultry Sub Black Edition they become perfect and are transformed into remote-controlled, wireless E-Stim masturbators.”