Net 1on1 bowled over by Doxy Skittle

Following a successful year for the award winning Doxy, the national and international acclaim has pushed the brand to new heights, spurring on the release of a follow-up product, the Doxy Skittle.

Keen to expand on the blossoming relationship with the UK manufacturer, Net 1on1 Wholesale will be adding the Doxy Skittle to their sales catalogue at a key time when retailers will be starting to think about their Christmas purchasing strategy. The Doxy Skittle is a powerful, mains powered vibrator much like its predecessor but with a notable change in design direction, making the Skittle a universal pleasure product. Named ‘Skittle’ due to its likeness to a bowling pin, this product is unlike most sex toys which are marketed to a specific target market, the Skittle “moves beyond such gender-binary notions and offers pleasure to people, however you identify and regardless of relationship status”, offering a unique design that can be positioned at a much wider consumer audience. The Doxy Skittle has a wired, 3-button control pad on an extra-long 12 foot (4m) lead, which delivers both constant and escalating vibrations to the same levels that the previous Doxy wand delivered before it, and is made from body-safe, non-porous silicone and ABS plastic.

Uses for the Skittle include: external massager, clitoral and internal vibrator, with the appeal of stimulating both vaginally and anally too. Buyer Danielle Warn for Net1on1 says, “The Doxy wand has been a best seller for us to date, so the move to take on the Skittle was a common sense step for us really. The product is as well made and powerful as the previous one and William should definitely be proud of how far the brand has come over the past year. Obviously it’s great for us to stock award winning products but we’re also really pleased and keen to be able to support our manufacturers. The Skittle will definitely be a key item in our Christmas category and we look forward to seeing the same demand for the Skittle as we did for the Doxy wand!”

William Garland, Director of CMG Leisure Ltd also added, “We have been very fortunate to have partnered with Net1on1 with the Doxy Wand Massager both in Europe and the UK over the last two years.  And now as we launch our second product, the Doxy Skittle, we are looking forward to building on the success we have enjoyed together.  Net1on1 is a fantastic company to work with – engendering a family ethos coupled with invaluable experience within the industry and great relationships with retailers.”