‘Obsessive’ in selected European markets now exclusively at ORION Wholesale  

ORION Wholesale is now the exclusive distributor of lingerie from the high-class label ‘Obsessive’ in selected European markets. 

We have had the high-quality lingerie from ‘Obsessive’ in our range since the beginning of 2019, and the special designs are very popular with our customers,” reports Björn Radcke, Head of Sales & Marketing at ORION Wholesale. “We have now extended our offering to include the entire range and are very proud to be the exclusive distributor in selected European countries.” 

Pat Romanek, the president of Amocarat, the owner of the ‘Obsessive’ brand, is also delighted with this forward-looking cooperation: “We are extremely pleased to deepen our longstanding collaboration with ORION, which will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of our brand. This is another step in optimizing the distribution of products in Europe. It is crucial for us in light of the planned implementation of a new communication strategy and a new approach to distribution development. With our partner, we can professionally support the brand, its recognition, communication consistency, and I am convinced that it will be beneficial for both companies.”

Obsessive’ has gained recognition among customers as a brand that combines exceptional quality with unique design – lingerie that emphasizes individuality and radiates femininity. With a wide range that includes subtle romantic patterns as well as bold, seductive models, ‘Obsessive’ has captured the hearts of customers in over 60 countries.

The lingerie from ‘Obsessive’ is delivered in a high-quality cardboard box that can also be used as a gift box. This cardboard box is covered in an additional cardboard slipcase with an image of the respective product and a description of the product in English on it as well.