Saffron added to Sportsheets collection at Tonga

Tonga recently added the Sportsheets brand to their wholesale collections and now offers even more Sportsheets to retailers and e-tailers with the addition of the Saffron product range. The Saffron collection is a favourite among Sportsheets’ customers. Saffron is known for its saffron-red luxurious look and feel, and it contains a range of impact products and strap-on harnesses. Saffron is perfect for those who love BDSM with beautiful restraints, gags, and more.

Designed to help customers find intimacy and the perfect pleasure-packed position, the new Saffron additions unlock full-body submission and functional positioning options as well as a great range of impact products. Over the years, the Saffron collection has become very popular. It is well loved and highly sought after. The Saffron range contains a lot of impact products for those who love BDSM and some strap-on harnesses. Known for its rich saffron-red colour, this collection has a luxurious look and feel with versatile products that play well together. The design of this collection is meant to help restrain and to brings functional positioning options to the scene. This product line includes bondage staples made in an attractive style with new, innovative designs.

Saffron strap-ons are designed with exquisite taste in mind. They are not just a bulky bundle of buckles and straps. The Saffron Strap-Ons are comfortable and hug the hips, giving users the security and comfort necessary to take the plunge.

The BDSM gear offers lots of possibilities for restraining and positioning. The black and bright scarlet coloured bit gags and ball gags pair well with other restraints like the Saffron Chained and Tamed or the Saffron Thigh and Wrist Cuff Set. This set is designed to work with users’ favourite positions, allowing them to mix and match restraint combinations for a wide variety of positioning.

The Saffron Neck and Wrist Restraint is designed to use the partner’s body as its restraint system. The wrists can be clipped in place as they submit to the sensations. The Chained & Tamed, the Thigh Sling and the Spreader Bar and Cuff Set (which is the perfect item for those who love the idea of being spread out and vulnerable) are other versatile products from the Saffron collection, expertly designed to keep the submissive partner at the mercy of the dominant one. All pieces can be used together or interchangeably for optimum positioning.

The restraint products are made of supple faux leather that is comfortable on the skin for long-term wear and pair well with the Saffron blindfolds, paddles, and ticklers.

Available at Tonga BV from mid-May.