The Autoblow AI Ultra is available at SCALA

Autobow’s latest creation, the Autoblow AI Ultra, is a game-changer and it is now available at SCALA. This futuristic device promises an experience like no other, blending cutting-edge technology with simplicity and satisfaction.¬†Unmatched sensations await with its full-shaft gripping stroker delicately moving up and down, bringing sensations to new heights. Powered by AI, it mimics human movements, ensuring a lifelike experience every time. With just four big buttons, it’s intuitive to use. And with video sync technology, it feels like you’re right there in the action, syncing with adult films for an immersive experience. The Autoblow AI Ultra also grants access to a library of premium content, including videos featuring the hottest amateurs. Crafted in an automated ISO-certified facility, durability is guaranteed. Plus, with built-in Wi-Fi, connecting to new experiences is effortless.