The new PDX Hydrobator is now available at SCALA

New and ready to order at SCALA: the Hydrobator from the PDX Elite collection by Pipedream. This automatic stroker can be used dry or wet allowing for versatile play in the bedroom, or the bathroom! The new PDX Hydrobator by Pipedream offers a full-encompassing, automated stroking experience. The design is made for incredible aquatic stimulation, as it features a double, open-ended design, allowing water to flow through when used in the shower. This water flow, combined with the powerful stroking mechanism, creates a whole new dimension of masturbating pleasure. Pipedream describes the new design: “Created with a hollow tunnel to fit any length shaft, the Hydrobator’s accessible shape allows for wet or dry automated stroking and vibration—making it perfect for shower masturbation sessions! The internal tunnel is lined with supple Elite Silicone and is ribbed and textured for extra stimulation. Enjoy 3 stroking speeds and 7 powerful vibration modes that tease the entire length of your penis. Stroking and vibration features can be enjoyed simultaneously or separately, with water or without, for personal sensation customization.” The PDX Hydrobator comes in a sleek, eye-catching black and red packaging; masculine and contemporary in any in-store display.