Dutch delicious event at EDC Wholesale’s eroFame booth

EDC Wholesale is inviting visitors to meet the team at eroFame during the Dutch Delicious Event on Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th from 5pm onward. Visitors will be treated to typical Dutch bites and beverages at the company’s booth.

“The event is organised to have a casual get together during the trade show,” Stated Eric Idema, CEO at EDC Wholesale. “We have organised this event to emphizise our Dutch roots and to share our Dutch traditions with the visitors of eroFame. Besides the business part of the trade show, we would also like to spend time on a social level and get to know our industry friends and colleagues a little better. What better way to do so while enjoying a delicious Dutch treat and a specially brewed beer or a glass of wine.”

EDC Wholesale will be showcasing its house brands and partner labels from an impressive 130 square meter booth, which is divided in two by the aisle. Visitors are invited to see the products live in action at the wholesaler’s booth 62 and 127. “This year we will go bigger and better with the largest and most exciting EDC booth ever presented,” said Idema. “We are located directly at the entrance, so we are looking forward to welcoming the visitors of eroFame when they pass our booth on their way in and again on their way out.”