Sportsheets at eroFame 2016

Sportsheets wins Best US Manufacturer Award 2016

The Sportsheets team won the 2016 Erotix Award for Best US Manufacturer. “”We are so happy to be recognized in Europe for all the hard work we do in the States”,” says Sportsheets President, Julie Stewart. ““Our team has worked tirelessly to bring Midnight to the market earlier than expected while sales have surpassed our expectations,”” continues Stewart.

Sportsheets’ was represented this year by Julie and Sales Specialist, Sylvia Lopez. Each brand was showcased in pre-designed plan-o-grams that make it fast and easy for retailers around the world to communicate the Keeping Couples Connected messages.

“”We’’ve seen such success with our brands in Europe just as we have in the U.S. thanks to recent cultural shifts in both markets”,” says Stewart. ““It’s an honor to be recognized by EAN and the international industry for our hard work. Our products are the perfect fantasy and BDSM items for both the beginner and more experienced consumers! All of us at Sportsheets are very appreciative of this honor and thank everyone here for their hard work and dedication to our industry. We would also like to thank Huda Lutz and her associates with putting on such a fantastic trade show and venue for us to meet.”