Adam Breedon

“We care about helping people not if they fit in to a segment of a business plan.”

The products of British brand GODEMICHE are all created by hand – including their latest collection, called Effulgence, which consists of dildos with a sparkling effect. EAN interviewed Adam Breedon, co-founder and co-owner of GODEMICHE, and apart from the interesting new products, was also spoke about the passion and the dedication of his team as it continues on its own course, finding success off the beaten path of mass production.


Effulgence – that is the name of your new collection. What can we expect from these products?
Adam Breedon: Expect to be visually hypnotised with the overwhelming glittering beauty packed in to a staple sex toy, still handmade, still unique and still affordable.

In a recent press release, you call Effulgence ‘the sparkliest sex toys you will ever see!’ How complicated is it to add the sparkling effect to these dildos?
A fact we stand firmly by as they are ‘the sparkliest sex toys you will ever see!’. It’s not a question of how complicated is it as anyone can add sparkle but more how well its executed. It’s been a learning curve as to how we make them really sparkle, the key has been REALLY sparkle, the pros and the cons, but as silicone toys are our specialty, it’s not been too difficult.

Is there still great demand in traditional silicone dildos, or are people more interested in modern, technology-fuelled vibrators? Do they prefer products with remote or app controls?
Technology will always peak people interest but its only ever for a marginal amount of time before the next new competitive gismo takes over the interest. What people demand and need more than ever is the knowledge that their needs and desire are met to an above satisfactory standard. We create products for people to enjoy, to admire, to feel like they are somehow included in and that YES, we do care. The product or its place in the thriving technology structure is irrelevant if people don’t believe in your brand and its ethos.

Adam Breedon
Adam believes that GODEMICHE’s commitment to the established brand philosophy is key to the brand’s success

Like ‘Gleam’, your new collection was created in cooperation with Yummy Gummy. Would you mind giving us some information about Yummy Gummy and your collaboration?
The collaboration is born out of hard work and an unrivalled love for what we do, both ourselves and Rebecca at Yummy Gummy. The ideas inception came at a fetish market we both attend in Birmingham, United Kingdome and from there we discussed how to replicate the Gleam to match her Gleam dress. It was about giving the customer something more than just a beautiful dress or toy it was about creating a beautiful outfit, something unique, handmade and matching. Our relationship has only grown stronger and, as a result, more pleased customers.

Your products are created by hand. How do the consumers, the trade members, and the industry respond to this approach?
Yes, everything we create is all done by hand, yes it’s a USP but I feel it has very little meaning or weight in the industry and only a marginal effect to our customers. How we make a product is only one link in the chain, why we make them, what materials we use to make them, the people who make them, all of these are contributing factors as to how others both consumer and trade respond do our business muddle of handmade products. We squash any fears, help with every question, and go out or way to give everybody the best experience possible and that approach has been the most effective and rewarding for everybody involved.

Does this factor have an impact on the consumers‘ purchasing decision?
How we do business and why we do business has a huge impact on a customer’s purchasing decision. People buy from us based on emotion, because they need to, it’s that feeling, that unknown need that even they themselves can’t put the finger on. That emotion comes from our core values, our work ethic and our ability to communicate them through any outlets we can.

Which target audience are you catering to with your products?
We have never looked to target an audience, but rather looked to crate the things we want to see and address the problems we as consumers had had at the beginning. From there we have listened to what our customers have said and attempted to address those problems or needs. Asking isn’t the important bit, the listing is and when you listen you learn, grow, and develop is a brand with loyal followings. We care about helping people not if they fit in to a segment of a business plan.

“We have never looked to target an audience, but rather looked to crate the things we want to see and address the problems we as consumers had had at the beginning.”

Would you say that your products represent a counter concept to factory-made, mass-produced sex toys?
I think we are more of a hybrid brand, our entire process is handmade with its artisan qualities, dedication, and love yet we have a system that allows us to create unique items on a larger scale. Our ability to be hands on with every item at every process during its creation makes us much, much more than a factory-made product, we have a story to tell, a journey to follow. Yet we have a slightly different outlook on how we get our products to consumers than an artisan might have and there lies our hybrid brand.

Do you also want to bring these products to mainland Europe? And, on that note: Do you prefer working with distributors, or are you more comfortable collaborating directly with the trade?
We are growing our European retailers organically, early adopters have had the benefits of seeing the brand grow and reaping the rewards of our continued social media assault. Moving forward discussions with distributors are happening, something we hope will bring our brand closer to new customers. We enjoy the industry and are quite happy working with likeminded organizations or individuals of aline with our ethics and core values.

Adam describes GODEMICHE‘s new Effulgence collection as “the sparkliest sex toys you will ever see!’

Are you looking for in potential business partners?
No, what makes us great is us, our insatiable desire to please and create the best products we can. Yes, we are a business and need to make money but its second to dispensing help and advice, making sure customers buy the right product for the right things and most importantly enjoy the whole experience. Having a business partner, another captain trying to steer the ship is would only be counterproductive. We surround ourselves with people more knowledgeable than us in areas where we are lacking and the help is beneficial to making the GODEMICHE service better.

What is your opinion on the current situation in the adult market? Is there enough innovation in product development?
Every market has its up and downs, true market leaders sail through the waves and make a business grow in an up or down market. On the face or it I feel the adult market has slowed but I would have to confess to not paying much attention to it. There is a great quote ‘Winners focus on winning, losers focus on the winner’ we are focused on the goals we want to achieve and the people we want to help.

What is next for Godemiche? Will you continue to focus on hand-crafted products?
Growth! We have to always be growing, always developing, always be helping and we will always make things by hand. We have some outlandish ideas, some will work other will not, but the one constant is that we will grow by helping people.