“BMS is like a family and we see our customers as part of that family.”

What began as a friendly get-together for the BMS team quickly turned into an in-house fair, and this year, on August 6, the company’s business partners and customers will once again be invited to Brampton, near the Canadian metropolis of Toronto, to attend the second BMS Expo. In our EAN interview, Marketing Coordinator Erin Worgan tells us what treats BMS are preparing for their guests.

On the 6th of August, BMS will invite its customers to the second BMS Expo. What can the guests look forward to?
Erin Worgan: Customers attending the BMS Expo can look forward to a full day of fun entertainment, product training and amazing deals. The theme this year is a Moulin Rouge carnival, we will have games, prizes and fantastic food all while showcasing the latest products from over 15 international industry vendors.

Before we talk about the upcoming fair, let’s first take a look back at last year. How do you assess the show in retrospect, and what did you learn? What feedback did you get?
The first BMS Expo taught us a lot about what our customers are looking for from a tradeshow event. We realised they are looking for an experience! While some retailers are looking to see brand-new products, others want to learn, while others simply want to have a good time and network with fellow store owners and learn from each other. The feedback from the show was mostly positive, but there is always room to improve. The show was a huge success, even as the inaugural event, and we expect to get bigger and better with every year that passes.

Why did you choose to start this event last year, and why did you decide to continue it this year?
The whole event started as our annual staff appreciation day, which we hold that same weekend in August every year. We realised that inviting our customers along to celebrate with us might be a fun way to spend quality time with them and the idea snowballed from there. Then after the success of the first event we knew we had to host it again this year.

How would you sum up the concept of the event?
BMS is like a family and we see our customers as part of that family. This event is simply a thank you from us to them.

The second BMS Expo is going to take place on August 6

What’s the focus of the event? Is it product training, sales, just having a good time together or something else?
The event is mainly about spending time with our customers, Canada is a huge country with our retailers dispersed far and wide, this is a chance to come together and have a good time. At the same time, we do look forward to our guests being able to learn about new products, and for us to collect their invaluable feedback.

The motto of the upcoming BMS Expo is Moulin Rouge or Carnival. Sounds interesting. How will this motto be reflected in the event itself?
The event will be a Moulin Rouge carnival from top to bottom. We will have carnival games where guests can win prizes, as well as carnival food favourites like popcorn and cotton candy. We are aiming to transport our guests to a 1900’s carnival with décor that has class and style.

At which venue will the event be hosted, and why did you choose this specific location?
The venue itself is a grand ballroom located in Brampton, where our offices are situated. We wanted the location to be near enough to the airport, as well as our warehouse so that guests can visit if they’d like. The venue is Panemonte Convention Centre, which is a beautiful family-run location, and this is our second year back.

You will have over 15 industry vendors on-site for product training. Who will be attending?
Our vendors include We-Vibe, Womanizer, Kama Sutra, Wet, Calexotics, BMS Factory, Doc Johnson, Bathmate, Sportsheets, Canadian locals High On Love, Minx Linx and Kinx, and many more!

Will you use the event to reveal new products, lines or concepts to the public?
We are inviting all of our vendors to present brand-new products yet to hit our shelves, including upcoming items. We are always interested in seeing customer responses to new products to gauge interest and possible success.

Can anybody attend the BMS Expo or do you need to be invited? Who should people contact if they want to participate?
The event is invitation only, but it is open to all BMS Enterprises customers. If interested in attending, please contact your BMS representative. For more details visit bmsenterprises.com/bms-expo.aspx.