Vanessa Cuccia

“Crystals facilitates the energetic body’s natural ability to heal itself.”

Spirituality is a category that seldom gets the spotlight in the market for erotic products. But at Chakrubs, the company of Vanessa Cuccia, it is front and centre. Now, Vanessa has poured her knowledge of sexuality, care, crystals, and spirituality into a book: “Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure” will be published in June, and we had the opportunity to get some information about it ahead of time in our interview with Vanessa Cuccia.

Vanessa, you recently wrote your first book, titled “Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure“. What prompted you to write about this topic?
Vanessa Cuccia: In 2011, I came up with a concept for the Chakrub – an instrument of pleasure made from natural crystal. The brand Chakrubs itself is rooted in the philosophy, “Know thyself and thou shalt know the universe and God.” When we explore ourselves in intimate ways with conscious awareness and love, we develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and a sense of spiritual connection. Crystals facilitate this process as we honour them as tools for pleasure and purpose. In my book I go more in depth to these philosophies.

When you are not busy writing books, you are running Chakrubs, a company for crystal sex toys. Before we talk more about your book, could you tell us a bit more about the latest developments at your company?
It’s been wonderful. We are expanding every day. I’ve been doing more workshops, we’ve added new products, started featuring different crystals of the month, and have many exciting things in the works behind the scenes.

Could you tell us a bit more about the connection between sexuality, sex toys, crystal healing, and pleasure?
I first created Chakrub crystal sex toys for myself. After leaving a sexually abusive relationship, I needed to reconnect with my body and reclaim my pleasure. At the same time, I knew what I wanted went much deeper than an orgasm. Crystals facilitates the energetic body’s natural ability to heal itself, so my intention with Chakrubs was to merge crystal and sexual healing. Along the way, I realised that these tools could be used to help others awaken pleasure and overcome trauma.

How would you describe the readership of your book? Should the reader have some prior knowledge to get the most out of it?
This book is meant for anyone who can approach its topics with an open mind and receptive heart. I made sure to include a wealth of resources so that these rituals are accessible to everyone, no matter how far along they are on their journey.

“This book is meant for anyone who can approach its topics with an open mind and receptive heart.”

Do you feel that spirituality is something that is missing in today’s adult market? Or for that matter, in the sexuality of most people in general?
I don’t think that it is missing entirely, but it certainly isn’t at the forefront. When you look at who has had control of the narrative around sex and who has had agency in terms of sex, it becomes obvious why spirituality has not been a priority. The patriarchy recognised that women would not be as easily controlled, oppressed, and objectified if they were sexually empowered. However, I do think the tides are changing and that as women wake up to their sexual potential, spirituality will become more interwoven into sex.

In your book, you talk about exercises for self-love dedicated to the chakras. Could you give us an example of such an exercise?
To get in touch with the sacral chakra, which governs our reproductive centres and rules creativity and desire, I offered a clitoral massage ritual using a yoni egg or Chakrub.

Not everybody believes in the healing powers of crystals and the importance of chakras. How would you convince those sceptics to give it a try anyway?
I invite sceptics to look at crystal healing through the lens of intention. They might not feel the subtle energies of crystals, but simply selecting a crystal based on what they want to invite into their lives puts them on a path to manifest it. They can keep it in their pocket or purse as a constant reminder of what they are attracting and to help align their actions in support of that.

Different crystals have different properties. For example, the Amethyst is said to be calming, while Obsidian absorbs negative energy.

Would you mind telling us about your favourite stone and why it is dear to you? Or do you pick a stone depending on what you need that day?
There are certain Chakrubs, like the Xaga, that I’ve had for several years and have developed a deep relationship with, but in general I work with stones based on what I need in that moment. The Xaga — which is obsidian — helped me confront my past and understand what I needed to let go.

When will the book be published and how much will it cost? Where can retailers turn to, if they would like to offer it in their shops?
The book is $29.99 and available for pre-order now through Amazon, Indigo, B&N, and Indiebound. It will be in stores June 5th as the official release date. For information on becoming a retailer for Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure in the United Kingdom and Ireland, please email To become a retailer in the United States, please contact Jeff Spencer at or 1-612-344-8117. For additional sales information, visit

What are your plans for the time after the release? Will you continue your career in literature or focus on crystal toys again? Or something completely different?
I am just doing my best to follow the path that’s being laid out for me. I would love to write another book if the timing aligns and the inspiration is there. Chakrubs is my passion and we have so many exciting things planned for the upcoming months and beyond. I’m sure that other opportunities will present themselves as long as I remain open and receptive to them.