Dave Powley and Daniel Miller present Slube lube at the ETO show

“It’s really one of those things that you have to try for yourself!”

Sometimes, things move quickly. Slube was only born a few weeks before the product was first presented to the trade at ETO Show in Birmingham this June. And making that date definitely paid off for the company, as many visitors were extremely interested in their new product. Slube had a unique way of presenting their innovation, offering something that could not be found at any of the other booths – a tub full of lubricant. We asked Daniel Miller (on the right) , the Director of Slube, about his new product and among other things, he also explained why people would need that much lube.


On your website, you describe your product as “erotic bathtub and playpool fun“. What exactly is Slube?
Daniel Miller: Slube comes in powder form, and when added to water, it turns to a smooth, slippery lubricant. Slube is scented and coloured, and can be used for massage, wrestling and erotic play, body to body contact, and can even be used as an internal lubricant. It is condom safe and leaves the skin feeling soft and refreshed afterwards. It’s also very easy to clean, as it just showers off with water.

Made in the UK, each box is enough to make a bathtub, or if using in a playpool, it will make around 4-5 applications. Slube coats the skin with a very thin layer of extremely slimy lubricant. It doesn’t become tacky, sticky or uncomfortable and when sliding around with a partner, bodies slide smoothly and sensually across each other. It’s really one of those things you have to try yourself!

How did you come up with the idea to create Slube?
Slube was born only weeks before we launched it at ETO! We brought the product to the adult market as we thought it would be perfect for just about everyone. From those looking for a little something to spice up the evening, to hardcore kinksters who enjoy more extreme play, Slube has so many applications it can be used across the spectrum.

We found that some lubricants are wonderful to use, but a nightmare to clean afterwards. With Slube, it’s an amazing lubricant and it simply washes away with water instantly and leaves skin feeling soft. The best of both worlds! We wanted to introduce a product that was practical, sexy and fun to the adult market. The concept of Slube has created an exciting buzz and has filled the gap in the market of a lubricant that is safe, scented, coloured, easy to use and above all, easy to clean! You could say it puts the fun into lube!


What is it that makes the feeling of a bathtub full of goo so attractive to your customers?
It’s really one of those things that you have to try for yourself to see what all the fuss is about! At ETO, we had so many people coming up to our stand to see what it was. As soon as they dipped their hands in to our bathtub, they wanted it!

The smooth, viscous texture that Slube has coats the skin and leaves you wanting more and more! It’s such a unique sensation. The colours and scents increase the appeal even further! We have our Signature range which include Risqué Red scented with Strawberry, Emerald Green scented with Juniper (a male aphrodisiac) and Erotic Blue, a mix of Lavender, Jasmine and Bergamot.

We then have our Hardcore range, which appeals to more extreme kinksters. These are the Custard Yellow, scented as custard, which is great for gunging! We then have our absolute favourite, Black Leather. This leather scented Slube is deep black in colour and smells amazing! It’s a huge hit with our customers so far!

Could you tell us a bit more about the ingredients you use to make Slube? Is it completely safe or should the user keep some aspects in mind?
Slube is completely safe to use. It’s been fully tested by independent chemists, and is tested on all skin types including sensitive skin. It’s non-toxic and is internal safe and condom safe, making it perfect for using as an internal lubricant. Once you are finished with Slube, you simply dilute it with more water and pour it down the drain. It doesn’t harm the environment, and won’t clog the drains either! Slube is allergen free, and the colours used won’t stain the skin or your bathtub. As with all products that come into contact with the skin, we recommend to do a small skin test before use.

Slube is offered in different scents and colours. Which variants do you offer? Do they all have the same properties apart from colour and scent?
Currently Slube comes in five varieties across two ranges. Our signature range includes:

  • Risqué red, which is scented with the sweet seductive smell of strawberries.
  • Emerald Green, a Juniper scented deep green colour, which acts as an aphrodisiac for men.
  • Erotic Blue, which has tinges of purple and royal blue, and is scented with Lavender, Jasmine and Bergamot.

Our Hardcore range is aimed at those into the kinkier side of life and includes:

  • Custard Yellow, a custard scented slime which is great for wrestling in.
  • Black Leather is our favourite, and features the kinky smell of fresh leather, with an extremely deep black colour!

We are hoping to add more scents further along the line, so watch this space! We can also offer bespoke/ exclusive varieties of Slube to companies who want their own take on this sensual product!

Guy in blue lube

Can you use Slube like a normal lube if you wanted to?
Slube can indeed be used just like regular lube. In fact, Slube is even better! It coats the skin and won’t wear out, so you can go for longer without having to stop and apply more lubricant! It also smells much more pleasant than most other lubes, and because of the texture, it’s much easier to play with larger toys too! And the best thing is, it washes off with water!

Slube is a rather unusual product. How should it be presented to create the biggest impact? Do you offer POS materials for shops?
Slube is a product that you have to see to believe! At ETO, we had our big bathtub with our Emerald Green Slube in, and people loved dipping their hands in and playing around with it. We also had our mini bathtubs with our other colours to show to our customers. For physical shops, we offer a POS stand which includes a TV screen showing the product in action. This will demonstrate to customers how you can use Slube and how much fun it can be. We can also offer the mini bathtubs which we had at ETO, and we find these are great for showing customers the product.

Do you work with distributors in Europe? Where can interested retailers turn to if they want to offer Slube in their store?
We are currently in talks with several major European distributors who are very keen in adding Slube to their collections. Currently, European and UK retailers can purchase directly through ourselves. For the UK, retailers can also order through Planet Earth Wholesale who are our UK wholesaler.

Are you planning on extending the Slube line in the future?
Absolutely! We are really excited about the Slube range, and we are definitely looking to add new scents and colours to the range in the future. We can add virtually any scent and colour to the range, so the sky is the limit! Slube is distributed by PlayHarda.UK, although can be ordered using the contact form on the Slube Website slube-goo.com.