“Our focus is on embracing technology and designing innovative products.”

Modern design and new technologies are at the centre of Peak Performa’s activities. During the first year of its existence, the up-and-coming company from Singapore focused on masturbators for men, presenting an impressive range of quality products. Now, they have shifted their attention to the female audience, introducing a line of products for women under the Yakvza label. EAN interviewed the Business Development Manager of Peak Performa, Elva Ye (second from left in the picture above), to learn more about the young company and its products.

When was Peak Performa founded and what is the philosophy of the company?
Elva Ye: The Peak Performa brand was born in 2016 and is headquartered in Singapore. All of our products are conceptualised, designed, and developed in-house. Our vision is to create high quality, innovative toys for generations to enjoy and invigorate their sexual performance. The philosophy of Peak Performa is rooted in our relentless drive for creativity and the pursuit of excellence beyond customers’ expectations. As a result, our products are distinct and stand apart from the rest of the market.

Is there a bestseller among your products that you would like to present to us in more detail?
We have two brands now, namely Peak Performa which caters to men, and Yakvza for women which we have launched this year. We developed a number of Peak Performa toys within the last two years. I have two favourite products at the moment, namely Dream Rocket and Dreamliner. Each has its unique selling points and I am certain customers will be thrilled with their exceptional performance and quality.

To begin with, Dream Rocket is made of high-quality TPE that can withstand multiple washes and yet retains its elasticity to suit all sizes. More importantly, you do not have to be concerned with the issue of backflow or leakage. Hence, you can even use it when you are sleeping or simply lying down on your bed. Whether you are playing with it manually or hands-free, masturbation will never be the same again with the Dream Rocket collections.

Dreamliner is a compact masturbation cup that offers customers the choice to play conventionally or with attachments. Unlike a typical masturbation toy, Dreamliner is made of Pureskin material that mimics the tenderness and softness of real skin. The vibration and suction attachment complements the three types of Dreamliner sleeves and enhances the stimulating effects. With the additional strong suction cup attachment, customers will never have to use their hands again to masturbate.

What is the underlining strength of these products that sets Peak Performa apart from its competitors?
There are a lot of reasons why Peak Performa products stand apart from the competition. But most importantly, our focus is on embracing technology and designing innovative products that meet the needs of customers and same time enhance their performance and pleasure levels.

Why did you choose to promote your products as performance boosters instead of focussing on pleasure?
These are two very important points that many in this industry focus on today. But for Peak Performa, it is the ultimate synergy – a combination of performance boost and pleasure that contributes to the success of our brand.

Masturbators for men have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Which trends do you see in this market segment? Have we reached the pinnacle of the growth for male toys?
The market for masturbators is still growing, and in my opinion, it is growing more exponentially than ever. As technology improves, the world is becoming smaller and more people are exposed to adult toys.
There are no specific trends to highlight in this industry. But one important thing I learnt that applies to every trade is to think out of the box and create products out of the norm. Our company does not simply replicate or enhance products already on the market, but it pioneers the market with innovative toys for urban males to improve their lifestyle.

“Our company does not simply replicate or enhance products already on the market, but it pioneers the market with innovative toys for urban males to improve their lifestyle.”

With the Yakvza brand, you release products for women. Can you tell us more about this collection and why did you choose to go in this direction?
The name Yakvza is probably familiar to many. Similar to our philosophy, we create female toys to empower women in this modern society to love and protect themselves more.
Although there are many female toys available in the market, we believe that there are still ample opportunities and avenues for growth that are still unmet.

Your company is based in Singapore. How is the acceptance in the Singaporean society when it comes to love toys in general and masturbators in particular?
From my observations and years of experience in the market, the adult industry is growing, with people of all ages and genders becoming more receptive to love toys. It is no longer a taboo to walk into an adult shop and shop for toys. While many consider Singapore to be a small country or little white dot, you would be surprised by the number of adult shops we have here.

Where can retailers turn to if they want to sell your products in Europe? Do you work with distributors here?
We are open to opportunities and look forward to collaborating with distributors from Europe. They can visit our website www.peak-performa.com or contact us directly via info@peak-performa.com .

What can you tell us about Peak Performa’s plans for the future? Are there plany for additional lines?
Peak Performa and Yakvza are just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more products coming up in the pipeline which will be revealed at a later stage, and we look forward to exploring more collaboration opportunities with distributors soon.