Klaus Pedersen

“Apart from a permanently bigger penis, we sell better self-esteem!”

The market for penis growth products is expanding rapidly. Penis fitness has become a term many people know about, like sexual wellness or sexual health. But which penis enlargement products really work, i.e. which products generate results? How do the consumers decide which product to buy? And how can retailers help their customers find the solution that best suits their expectations? EAN asked these questions, and Klaus Pedersen, Managing Partner at DanaLife & DanaMedic, provided the answers.


There are many penis enlargement products on the market – pills, creams, pumps, penis extenders, etc. But at the end of the day, it’s up to the consumers to pick one. What are the factors that have the biggest impact on a consumer’s decision to buy a certain product?
Klaus Pedersen: What are the men looking for? The truth! And nothing but the truth!

Since there are not many ‘penis products’ which have high brand or name awareness, consumers must rely on what is recommended to them by their seller (stores and webshops). What the male consumer then decides to buy depends largely on whether the ‘seller’ is acting as a ‘sales person’ or as a ‘customer advisor’. And whether the seller is being truthful!

Men will typically look for products offering better stamina and stronger erections, higher or lower sensitivity, intermediate or permanent growth. Pre-purchase, they will look for positive reviews and relevant documentation from the manufacturer. As for reviews, this is a difficult arena given that many (specifically online) reviews are often not valid/truthful or manufactured by sellers/affiliates etc. Also, you won’t find adequate information for many penis enlargement products online. The consumers are left with the seller claims!

We hear lots of stories of consumers entering adult stores asking ‘please give me everything you have for penis growth, I will buy it all because something HAS to work’ – they tried stuff that did not work, and are desperate to find something that DOES work. At the end of day, there is only so much you can do to achieve permanent penis growth.

Not many methods are clinically and medically proven! You can either to have enlargement surgery done (quite expensive and with a high post-operative risk factor) or you can do penile-traction which is what we offer. For intermediate growth, there are some penis pumps with a high degree of trustworthy consumer-based proof, and these can to considered as a first-use option.

You have established MaleEdge and Jes-Extender as a quality option for penis enlargement, even providing scientific proof of your products’ effectiveness. How did, and do the consumers respond to this kind of scientific evidence?
We see a mixture of both belief and disbelief! For many years, the ‘segment’ of penis enlargement has been dominated by products that do not work – products which were often marketed quite aggressively marketed. However, they were no marketed very truthfully, to say the least.

Therefore, some consumers are hesitant to believe our claims at first, but when diving into what we can document – including third-party documentation – and what we can offer guarantee-wise (double money back guarantee), we often see them become ‘believers’ and they opt to try our methods and products.

A graphic for MaleEdge
This graphic demonstrates the USPs of MaleEdge & Jes-Extender

Are product and sales training for retailers and distributors an important part of your strategy? What about sales-promoting materials for the point of sale?
Yes, it is! And we have had an OK success with our ‘POS product kits’, for shop staff to train under the guidance of their shop-managers etc., being quizzed on the most important FAQs, etc. These kits include tester products, printed Q&As and a comprehensive sales and training video. Another important element of the shop kits: consumer handout brochures which are equal to what the staff have trained with.
Just as important, we focus on training deep-and-wide at the distributor level to allow their sales and support staff to take what they learn from the brand training to the market. Some distributors are doing a great job helping their clients with full-scale online seminar trainings so the shop staff can achieve a ‘qualified seller’ status for a specific brand or product.

Given scientific proof and guaranteed results, you should probably have very little competition in this field – or am I oversimplifying the situation?
It´s not that simple! Firstly, you are correct in saying that we offer the only device-based solution for true permanent penis growth achieved over time. And we are the only solution whose effectiveness is documented in medical trials and tests (our own as well as third-party tests).

“We offer the only device-based solution for true permanent penis growth achieved over time.”

We believe that any adult retailer who does not see this for what it is – a separate adult category of ‘permanent growth’ – is missing out on sales opportunities, big time. What we deliver is very different from what is common practice in shops and on websites, mixing many different product types and solutions into one segment, calling it ‘Enlargement’, ‘Enlargers’, ‘Pumps’ etc.

It turns out that, without better information from ‘sellers’ (websites and shop staff), many consumers are willing to often try almost any suggested solution for penis growth. We offer a double money back guarantee to counter any misconceptions about our products and their ability to deliver what we claim.

On our websites, we hear from many consumers that most of the ‘penis growth’ products they bought over time have in essence been useless and therefore feel like a scam to them. And they push us and ask why our product would be better and if it would actually work for them?

So, competition is definitely there – since claims are claims and consumers often believe them. We cannot say a certain product is OK/not OK just because of what the producer claims, but we see that only few producers go the extra mile and can actually present reliable medical research about the effectiveness of their product.

MaleEdge and Jes-Extender are quality products, and quality usually comes at a price. And a higher price can be off-putting for consumers, or is that argument not valid any longer?
All is relative when it comes to pricing and cost-conception. It turns out that we see no consumer hesitance on pricing once a customer stops looking at the product as an adult toy, but starts seeing it as a product that will make him feel better about himself.

So, what does it actually cost? Not much compared to what we pay for watches, clothes, tech/phones, etc. It is a very easy investment for most men to manage with our MRP being ranging from 129 euro to 299 euro.

And what do we actually sell? Apart from a permanently bigger penis, we sell better self-esteem! Our offer is as much a solution for personal development as it is a solution for higher self-esteem. We successfully work with ‘Penis Fitness’ as a concept to push this message since consumers can relate to the feeling-better/getting-fitter principle.

And why do our clients buy our products? One main reason is the locker room syndrome – where many men do not feel good about themselves. 8 out of 10 men who purchase our products us do so primarily because of the ‘man-to-man’ comparison issue – they are feeling smaller than the next guy.

Penis fitness perfectly plays into to the general trend of fitness, health, wellness, and self-esteem

To overstate the case: If all customers take a MaleEdge extender home, achieve the results they desire and live happily ever after, won’t that be the last the trade sees of them – while pills, creams, pumps, etc. promise repeat sales for retailers?
Absolutely not! If the sale is done correctly, a client will know that he also needs to invest in other solutions besides permanent growth. Also, all product categories have their own proven effect and ‘happy’ factor with the consumers. Looking on what is available for ‘the penis’ from a macro level, you can categorise the market as shown below in one of the graphics.

And if a ‘seller’ just sells within what the different categories are actually able to deliver, it will turn out to be an upsell – not a down-sell. Don’t oversell, but advise, and make the client see what works for him, then he will definitely return to your store. This is also why we feel that our products are their own separate category – ‘Permanent growth’.

Put differently, how many products in the lower price category would a retailer have to sell to equal the profit margin of one MaleEdge extender?
One sale of a MaleEdge or Jes-Extender equals ‘many’ lower priced products – and it generates both high profit and high cash-value per sale. With the MRP being 129 euro to 299 euro, it is well worth the sales time spent.