“The come hither motion, as most people know, is the key to proper G-Spot stimulation.”

Today’s adult market is a jungle of sex toys, and you’d think that by now, we’ve seen pretty much every stimulation and motion pattern that can be created. Still, Gene Allen felt that there was something missing from the market. He did not have any previous experience in developing adult products, but he did have a vision. And now, this vision is about to become a reality, in the form of the G-Spot Rx. In our EAN interview, the inventor from New Orleans tells us about the “come hither” movements of his vibrator and the unique advantages that accompany this motion pattern.

The G-Spot Rx is a sex toy that combines a vibrator and stimulation through a come-hither motion. What’s the story behind the development of the G-Spot Rx?
Gene Allen: It’s really the age old saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. To be perfectly honest, my hand got tired while performing the come hither motion of curling the finger tips back and forth rapidly. That night, I began searching for the right vibrator, one with sufficient power and design to provide the speed and torque of the human hand, but never getting tired. All that existed were vibrators claiming to be for the G-Spot that were either curved this way or that way, and some slow “thrusty” ones. We tried a couple, and just got frustrated.

My wife, Olivia, almost jokingly said, “Why don’t we invent one”? Well, I drew it up on a piece of paper, submitted it to the patent office, and here we are, getting ready to manufacture the world’s first purpose-built G-Spot vibrator!

Could you tell us a bit more about the development process?
We went through a number of designs and prototypes with a couple of different developers. The toughest part was properly expressing my vision. The needed function was so clear to me, but because it is so revolutionary, was difficult to impart to the engineering team. We went through three prototype stages to get to the current design. Though we still have some final engineering to do for manufacturing, the prototype produces exactly the results we were after.

What makes the G-Spot Rx truly special is its patented come-hither motion. Please, tell us more about this stimulation principle. Why is it so effective?
The come hither motion, as most people know, is the key to proper G-Spot stimulation. The modular design of attachments move in an ovoid motion to mimic the curling back and forth of human fingers. Our brains are hard wired to respond to certain natural physical stimulation. The human hand is an amazing tool and has trained the brain to respond to its naturally occurring movements. We, of course get tired, and cramp up after a short time.
G-Spot Rx is so effective because it provides the natural motion, speed, and power that the brain is wired to expect, but has the advantage of never getting tired, or losing its rhythm. There is also that bonus of strategically placed vibratory motors on either side of the attachments to give deep stimulation to the entire interior clitoral structure, which is kind of shaped like a wishbone, or Y shape.

One thing we found in testing is that there are those times, (or particular women) when direct stimulation was too overwhelming. We’ve addressed this by designing the Hidden Pleasure cover. It is a snug fitting surgical grade silicone cover that encompasses the main cylinder of the vibrator, (same cover for both models) allowing the attachment to move underneath. Some test subjects described this as a more “sensual feel”.

You are planning to release two versions: the G-Spot Rx and the G-Spot Rx Plus. How are the two items different from each other?
The G-Spot Rx Plus was actually the first design, the difference is the extension for clitoral vibration. Once again, testing told us that for some it was just TOO much stimulation. So we tested it without the clitoral stimulation, and decided to offer that version also. To answer your question more succinctly, the G-Spot Rx does not have the Clitoral Extension with the additional vibratory motor, and the G-Spot Rx Plus does.

The G-Spot Rx experience can be enhanced by using attachments. How does they work and which attachments do you offer?
The modular design of attachments focuses on size and texture. They can be removed and secured by threaded post, screwing them on. Not everyone enjoys the same size. For instance, some women prefer the size of one fingertip, some two, some large hands, some small. Sometimes one may want a smooth “sensual” feel, at others you may be in the mood for a more aggressive feel.

In addition to the come -hither motion, G-Spot Rx is also revolutionary in that it provides so many choices in one modular design.

Thanks to a multitude of attachments, the stimulation can be changed to meet the user’s individual wishes

What can you tell us about the company and the team behind the product? Did you have any previous experience in the erotic market?
We’ve put together an amazing team of engineers, (our lead holds a PHD), and marketing professionals to make sure our customers receive the experience they expect from a very high-end product. The only experience I had in the market was as a consumer, and I’ve learned a great deal about the business side of it along this amazing journey.

I think being so new to the business side of it in a certain way gives an advantage to our customers. I know what it’s like to be frustrated with toys that either don’t deliver on the promised performance, and/or are poorly built.

You have been running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and awareness for the G-Spot Rx. Why did you choose this path?
The Indiegogo campaign has been a great experience. We chose this path because of a core belief. I did not want to give up control to investors. We have a very high bar set to fulfill our vision of changing millions of women and their partners’ lives. I don’t think giving control to those who may care only about the bottom line would be compatible with the fulfillment of that vision.

When will the G-Spot Rx hit the market and where can retailers in Europe turn to if they want to sell your product in their stores?
Our goal is to have the first manufacturing run completed and delivered to our early backers by valentine Day, 2019. We have actually had a number of backers from Europe already, Germany, France, Poland, just to name a few. We’d love to hear from any retailer or wholesaler interested in this amazing new product. I can be contacted at sales@gspotrx.com to discuss the possibilities.

Are you working with distributors, or are you planning to do so in the future?
At this time, we will be using contracted fulfilment houses to provide logistics. We are open to discuss any proposals by established distributors.