VRotica Porn Headset

“It’s currently the easiest to use VR headset in the world.”

If you want to step into the world of virtual reality, you still have to shell out a lot of money, and often, technical understanding and patience are required as well before you can delve into virtual dimensions. But now, a more beginner-friendly and comparatively inexpensive VR solution enters the market in the form of the VRotica headset, aimed at making adult VR content available to anyone.


Virtual reality is on the rise in many areas of modern life – also as a means of consuming pornography. More and more studios present VR content, and the number of users is swelling. But in spite of this impressive growth, many consumers remain hesitant because to experience VR porn, they’d have to buy new technology, first and foremost a virtual reality headset on which to enjoy the content. However, most quality headsets are quite pricey.

This is why VRotica decided to make virtual reality more appealing to a wider audience. The company’s slogan is “Democratise VR Porn”, and that’s exactly what they want to bring to the market: ”It’s fair to say that VR is the most immersive consumer media experience ever”, the creators of the VRotica headset explain. The problem is that up until not, the focus was mostly on tech-savvy users. “At VRotica, we have decided to simplify the product to the point where it’s as easy to use as turning on a television set.” All the users have to do is put on the headset, turn it on – and they’re ready to go.

Affordable and easy to use

If you compare the VRotica headset to the other VR solutions available in the market right now, it settles in nicely in the middle of the price spectrum. It is more affordable than the high-end devices presented by brands such as Vive or Oculus – devices which also require a certain degree of technical understanding and a bit of fine-tuning if you really want to get the most out of the experience.

At the lower end of the price spectrum, we have smartphone-based solutions, which may be affordable for anyone, but as the VRotica team explain: “The VR experience on these systems is not very good and has the added annoyance that your phone is involved and your mother can randomly call you half way through a video.” Their goal was to create a product for VR experiences that is free of such unwanted distractions and doesn’t require extensive technical know-how either. “Anyone will understand it, and our producers are free to explore niches within the consumer base. Unlike a Vive, VRotica could be purchased by anybody.”

A Headset just for VR-Porn

The only limitation: VRotica is designed exclusively for adult content. The team’s goal was not to offer an all-round VR machine, but a device that serves as a portal to a world of erotic experiences. “By stating this message clearly, we are inviting every consumer to the platform and simplifying the experience right down to its core functionality.” So the users do not have to worry about how to get their content or where to save the data.

“We have taken away all other VR uses so we can streamline the adult entertainment use case.” The reason being that this type of entertainment can be improved greatly by transplanting it into a virtual reality environment. “The adult industry has afforded us the luxury of landing on our feet regarding the availability of content, and a very clear message: We are teleporting you into an erotic world.“ The adult industry will play a big role in creating acceptance for VR, helping to turn it into a mainstream technology, just like it did with VHS and DVD.

VRotica promises the best possible entry-level friendliness with its headset

Several producers of VR content have had the opportunity to test VRotica, and they attest to the user-friendly experience. “This headset is so easy to use, press play and all your fantasies come true!”, as Francois-Xavier Carrette of Marc Dorcel puts it. BaDoinkVR are also highly impressed: “VRotica brings Virtual Reality to mainstream audiences”, says Xavi Clos, the company’s Head of Production. “First time I tried the headset, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. Watching BaDoinkVR videos with this headset is an absolute no brainer.”

Several films are pre-installed, so you have a library of content to choose from immediately when you buy VRotica. To get new content, you have two options: Firstly, you can buy special USB sticks – which are available from adult retailers – and plug them into the headset. Secondly, VRotica also have on online platform where users can use previously purchased credits to buy new films and download them onto their device.

There is no dearth of content, it just wasn’t easy enough to use it up until now, as the team tell us. “There are consumers that browse the web for videos, pay tens of dollars per scene, and follow the steps each time they want to view a single video”, they say. Changing that is a big part of their mission, and they describe their company as a link between the producers and the consumers. “The content is ready for us to distribute, and will be updated daily. VRotica is the missing piece in the puzzle for this industry.”

There will be a whole ecosystem behind the hardware

Any producer can use the VRotica platform as long as certain standards are upheld. Already now, numerous renowned adult companies have decided to offer their content via VRotica. “For example, Badoink VR will be uploading Cosplay videos based on characters from popular culture,” as the team explain. This brings them one big step closer to their goal of having creative and diverse content on their platform.

An easy-to-use menu makes it easy to get started with VR eroticism

At the same time, they also want VRotica to be a platform for independent content providers, a marketplace for them to sell their videos without having to take care of marketing and distribution. “The menu inside the headset is essentially an iTunes for VR adult content”, the team explain. The combination of hardware and software in a high-quality, easy-to-use system is one of the greatest features of VRotica, and it is already getting lots of attention in the industry.

Julia Dimambro, the founder of Cherry Sauce, had the opportunity to test the headset at The European Summit in March, and she feels that “the idea of combining both the hardware and software into a single product is currently unique and removes some of the current barriers to market.” She predicts that VRotica will become a break-out success based on this great combination. “Easy to order online, discreet delivery, and you can start using it immediately without any further hassles or unnecessary time spent side-loading content.”

Retailers get a commission for sold movies

And who is the target audience for VRotica? Generally, everybody over 18, but the team see great potential among DVD consumers. The headset is easier to use than a DVD player, and people who have never even heard of VR will understand immediately how it works. Therefore, VRotica is also a product that the trade may want to keep an eye on. Apart from selling the USB sticks, retailers also get a commission for every film that is downloaded onto a device they have sold. “This is an opportunity for stores to jump on the VR wave without cannibalising their existing business”, the VRotica team explain, outlining their strategy. They already presented the product to various trade members, and the response has been unanimously positive. “I was amazed by the headset, it was so easy to use. Rather than watching the film, you feel you are within the film, which is what our customers ultimately want, total immersion!”, said Lisa Bernard, manager of The Private Shop in Cambridge, after trying the headset for the first time. “A perfect product for the porn industry and a positive future for DVD companies.”

The VRotica headset will be available online as of May, retailing at a promising price of $220. It can be connected directly to the Internet with a WiFi, offers 32GB of storage space and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Also, the team are currently negotiating with various distributors to make VRotica available to even more consumers in more regions. The headset promises up to four hours of operating time, and it can be recharged via micro USB. Interested trade members who want more information and updates should visit www.vroticaheadset.com or contact the team directly at contact@vroticaheadset.com.