The ABC of selling penis extenders in the adult toy market

A penis extender is a product that offers two very important results for men: a permanently bigger penis, and for many also a better feeling about themselves – in short, a stronger self-esteem. The company that has invented the method of ‘penile traction’ and the original penis extender device, DanaMedic ApS, has developed two brands since they entered the market in 1995 – Jes-Extender and MaleEdge, which are both category leaders and sell globally in the adult sector. Seeing as this product type is really in a category of its own – permanent penis growth -, EAN wanted to know how retailers can sell and market this product type as effectively and successfully as possible. Klaus Pedersen, Managing Partner at DanaMedic ApS, generously provided us with answers to our questions.


To start with the very basics: What exactly is a penis extender?
Klaus Pedersen: A penis extender is a personal device that is placed on the penis and delivers lengthwise traction. Traction devices are documented to be the the only safe, non-surgical, painless, in-your-home method that can guarantee permanent penis growth.

Why do men buy a penis extender?
Regardless of social or marital status or the cultural background, being dissatisfied with one’s penis size is a common issue. But it’s not just that. To put it in a nutshell, you might say: ‘A bigger penis, yes, thank you – and more self-esteem to go along with it!’. Every other man (app. 55%) stated in a survey that they were actively looking to purchase a method or device which will increase their penis size permanently. Their main motivation is two-fold – one: the actual issue of the penis-size, and two: to build stronger self-esteem.
8 out of 10 men (78%) who buy a penis extender do so for a reason we have dubbed ‘the locker-room syndrome’. They mainly worry about their size when it can be compared to other men ‘live’, being in the locker room after sports, in the shower, etc. Irrespective of their individual size, they will often see other men who are bigger – and this leads them to search for methods or products that will help them become bigger.
Having a bigger penis makes most men feel better about themselves – they have something to show for themselves since they have been able to achieve their goal of becoming ‘a bigger man’.

How much are consumers willing to pay to buy “higher self-esteem”?
Compared to the many other things men buy for in order to feel better about themselves – cars, watches, gyms, cosmetic surgery, or personal grooming, clothing, and more – the cost of a standard model penis extender (ranging from app. 130 – 220 €) is actually quite low. Even though penis extenders are priced in the medium/high tier for adult toys – alongside top-notch models of dildos and premium toys – the years of steady sales document that price is really not an issue for consumers.


How does a penis extender work?
The device works by applying a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis. This causes the tissue cells to divide and multiply – a process called cytokinesis. Over time, penis traction results in new tissue growth throughout the penis, making you longer and thicker in a matter of weeks or months. Using a penis traction device is a safe and painless alternative to surgery which is the only other documented method of achieving a permanently bigger penis.

How is it used practically?
Mount, wear, grow! A simple process -the devices are easy to put on and easy to take off. After a brief warm-up phase, most wear it for 5-6 hours daily, which will result a 10% increase in erect length in the first 2-3 months. A 10% increase is of course highly noticeable. After using it for 4 to 6 months, clinical trials document an average growth of 28% in length and 19% in girth. It can be used in most normal daily situations, at home, driving, during sleep etc. The extender device works for all men, and for mostly all sizes. And everybody will see a result after correct and diligent use.

Is the effect documented?
The method of traction has been clinically tested and documented by independent medical experts, and is recommended by doctors and surgeons as a safe way for men to grow their penis (source: British Journal of Urology; “It seems that penile traction represent the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation”). Also, many users have reported back their results (via forums and online personal growth diaries) supporting the medically tested results.

Are the documented results permanent? Are there any size limits?
In theory, continued use will result in continued results, there is no reported maximum growth length. Some very patient users have more than doubled their size. Results will stay the same after stopping the process since the new cells will stick around in any event. The increases mentioned in this article are from clinical research, and they are average. Some users will see results slightly above or below these figures.

Is it comparable to other products, pumps for example?
No, it is not. It is a separate ‘category’ or ‘class of product’ compared to any other adult product since it does something no other product does – deliver permanent penis growth.

How do I sell it to the consumer?
Based on our Q&A list of the ‘most asked consumer questions’, a retailer should be able to help a consumer and convince them to purchase a penis extender. Many consumers are initially not convinced that any product will supply a permanent effect, and the Q&A will most often help with this main issue ‘yes, it does actually work’.
Men searching for a ‘bigger penis product’ will ask questions like it ‘does it actually work’, ‘how quick will I see first growth’, ‘is it documented and how’, ‘how big and fast can I grow’, ‘do I need to talk to a doctor’, ‘can I sleep with it on’ etc.
Looking at what else is available and documented in the adult sector, we suggest that retailers present their clients with a positive 3-step list of opportunities … first one being a pill (a safe one) for erections – second one being a pump ( a good one) for erections and a bigger penis (size effect is intermediate, lasts some hours, and growth is not permanent) – and a third one being a penis extender using the traction method (with permanent penis growth).

Where are your penis extenders sold?
Sold since 1995 in over 120 countries, and with distributor/wholesale representation in +50 markets, sales are truly global. Channels are both offline and online, and the main sales sectors are the adult toy market, the general health market, doctors/surgeons/hospitals, and TV sales.

Where can I buy it as a Retailer?
In most countries, we are represented by distributors/wholesalers who list and stock the products and have the penis extenders available for adult retailers. Additionally, retailers can apply for a direct account to purchase at (DanaMedic) if no distributors/wholesalers are available.


How many different products are there to stock and sell?
We hvae 9 main products/extenders – 3 MaleEdge and 6 Jes-Extender models. Different models come in different ‘package’ versions, and all models guarantee growth. Men buy mostly only 1 main product. For continued ‘resales’ a wide range of add-ons and replacements are available, enabling the retailer to offer continued ‘support and service’ to their clients.

What prices are these products being sold at?
The manufacturer’s recommended retail price range from 129 € to 219 € for the mainstream product versions, and for the exclusive versions from 249 € up to 1000 €.

What are my profits as a retailer?
In general, the margin for adult toy retailers is 55%. Given the high cash value per sale, this is a strong reason to stock and sell Penis Extenders. In short … you need to sell several other toys to match the cash value of one extender sale!

What support is offered to help with sales?
Relevant marketing, sales, and staff-training materials are supplied to retailers in online and offline sales channels. For online sales, we have a download portal for online marketing resources, also available on USB stick. The online materials include everything you need to sell the penis extenders such as ‘instant-websites’, stock-photos, sales and instructional films, multiple banners, print-ads, PR articles to copy, etc. We advise that retailers list both brands and all main extender products as well as a large part of the add-ons and replacements. This has proven to deliver the best results for online sellers since it shows a full range and also service-support options.
For offline / in-store sales, two different point of sale packages are available, the bigger solution being an exclusive wall display only demanding 0.4 square metres space (comes with 8 products, video screen and brochures). This display is documented to lift sales 3 or 4-fold at major adult stores. Secondly, there is a smaller solution: a starter kit (with 3 products) that comes which a brochure holder and brochures. Both, big and small solutions also include a very important in store sales-tool being a product-tester mounted on a dildo allowing the retailer to show and explain real-life use of the extenders. And it also contains laminated pages with store-sales instructions to be used for sales staff training.

What about warranties and guarantees?
Growth is guaranteed as a standard for all penis extender products. The guarantee is handled by enabling clients to register their personal account and growth diary on our websites. Here, they register their weekly use. If a consumer uses the product according to our suggestions and does not experience growth, we will pay out a double refund of the product cost, directly to the consumer. Product warranty is 2 years in all markets. As a service to retailers we ask that if product issues arise, the retailer simply asks the consumer to contact us via email with a short warranty-form inclusive of 1-2 pictures (no need to send back the product). Then, we will handle this directly with the consumer and hopefully provide them with good support and a good solution.

What kind of product maintenance is required?
In essence, it is very simple, the products will work for years and years; all you need to do is clean them. The MaleEdge brand can actually be cleaned in the dishwasher, and the Jes-Extender brand should be cleaned with soap and water.

This interview was first published in EAN 10/2015. EAN is free for retailers and other members of the erotic industry. To get your printed copy, click here!