Now available: We-Vibe Jive 2

Introducing the We-Vibe Jive 2, the next level of discreet wearable pleasure technology. Known as an ‘egg vibrator,’ Jive 2 boasts a bulbous inner egg-like shape for deep, rumbly G-spot stimulation, while its outer tail holds the toy in place and subtly teases the clitoris. Crafted for excitement and sensual indulgence, Jive 2 offers a customizable shape, remote control, and app- enabled features for an unforgettable experience.

What sets Jive 2 apart from other egg vibrators is an adjustable hinge that allows for a customizable fit to suit every body type. It is also compatible with the We-Vibe app, making it easy to play with your partner across the world or while you are in the same room. If you prefer to play off the grid, the included remote makes outdoor play possible without an Internet connection.

The Jive 2 is perfect for partners who want to share in new sensual experiences outside the bedroom. Integrating a wearable vibrator into foreplay adds a thrilling layer of anticipation and intimacy while you are out running errands or going to the movies, leading to a more intimate and connected sexual experience when you return home.

Embracing Pleasure beyond the bedroom

A recent survey of We-Vibe app users reveals a growing trend of embracing pleasure beyond the bedroom. A staggering 76% of users report being more adventurous with the locations that they have sex in since using the We-Vibe app, with 61% utilizing it outside the bedroom.

Our user data shows that people are interested in, and already are, using sex toys outside of the bedroom,” says Elisabeth Neumann, Sexologist and Head of User Research at We-Vibe. “If you are interested in trying out a wearable, restaurants and bars are great starting points because they are public places that feel intimate. For those who want to take the next step, I recommend wearing it to the movies, as the loud sound atmosphere plays on the vibration sensations.”

In the UK, We-Vibe users were particularly fond of using the wearable sex toys on the go, with the top locations revealed as cars, bars, and restaurants. Meanwhile, the top three locations that UK users want to have an orgasm was found as ‘beach’, ‘airplane’, and ‘forest’.