50% off at launch for LELO’s new couple’s toy

Today LELO announced the launch of a brand new addition to the TIANI range, the TIANI 24k. Now featuring twice the power thanks to the dual-motor design, TIANI 24k comes with „Couples Insurance‟ and a ring of 24 karat gold. LELO is launching the TIANI 24k with 50% off its normal price, across both retail and wholesale. The introductory price is MSRP of EUR 199 until the end of the year and the normal price will be EUR 399.

Couples Insurance means, that LELO pledges to replace the TIANI 24k couples massager with one of its other products, in the unfortunate event that the couple part ways within 12 months of purchasing the sex toy. Steve Thomson, Global Marketing Manager at LELO, says: “LELO is not simply about bringing people together, we’re about keeping them together. LELO is a brand that’s committed to enhancing the connection between partners: we are confident our latest innovation, the TIANI 24k, can have a truly positive impact on the relationship of the owners.”

The product features two powerful vibrating motors; one motor provides internal stimulation and the other provides external pleasure. TIANI 24k also comes with LELO’s patented SenseMotion remote-control, allowing the users to change the intensity of the vibrations with a flick of the wrist. More information on the luxury TIANI 24k can be found at LELO’s website. Retailers interested in stocking LELO products should contact sales@lelo.com.