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Siren is the new all natural sexual support formula for women

Siren is a new sexual support supplement from Global Wholesale. It was created to proactively affect those target areas that reduce female sexual activity: low mood, irritability, tiredness, pains and aches, vaginal dryness and low libido.

“We know that women are living longer, enjoying greater mobility and flexibility just like men,” says spokesperson Lesley Kavanagh, “and yet they’re ignored. We’ve created a formula just for women that we know helps to support the body’s metabolism, folate status, nervous system, and hormonal activity, also contributing to a normal fertility and reproduction.”

The supplements will be featured at the upcoming trade show Natural & Organic Products Europe, located in London Excel this April. The company believes that healthy bodies engage in healthy activities, therefore it is not enough to focus on libido alone. By increasing energy and focus, along with hormones it provides for a much more positive sexual attitude. “Sexuality is part of our existence as humans,” says Lesley. “When we can enhance that activity then we are changing lives.”