Allure 30th Anniversary

Accentuating curves and creating the mood where fantasies become reality, has always been at the forefront of Allure’s design team. For 30 years Allure has led the way in risqué lingerie with its boudoir inspired pieces that are designed to seduce, and inspired for play.

Established in 1993, Allure originally entered the adult sector with its’ sexy leather designs that traversed both the bedroom, as well as night club wear. A strong team, with a strategic & creative vision has fuelled Allure’s momentum over the years, as it has changed to a mix of soft laces, sexy straps and a wide assortment of decorative accents through out its collections. One thing that hasn’t changed though, is Allure’s style that radiates excitement & anticipation, while celebrating every curve of the female form. Allure has a wide range of products from pretty & delicate, to risqué & sensual with an edgy twist. Allure offers styles for all body types as most women go through many sizes, as body shape is rarely static.

In celebration of their 30th Year Anniversary, their sexiest collections for Allure, Adore & Kitten will be unveiled at the Altitude show, in March 2023.

Adore 2023: Allure’s new Adore collection is serving all the looks to fuel fantasies. Each piece fuses bold sexy strapping with softly flowing mesmerizing mesh. Dipped in satin and decorated with chunky gold accents each piece is designed to sculpt each curve.

Kitten 2023: Styles that foray into the playground of a next level bondage experience…that will take you to the playground of your desires. The look, the excitement and the absolute rush of bondage wear that is pretty and comfortable. The perfect layering pieces feature buttery soft wide elastic bands throughout, and can easily take you from bedroom wear to street wear, when paired with a mesh body suit or even a T-shirt.

Allure 2023: Allure just dreamed up gorgeous under things to make his heart race, and make her look like a goddess. Definitely not understated or subtle, everything in this collection is very risqué & sultry, with cut outs, ouverte front & back, and ties that hug in all the right places.