Skins Sexual Health makes a strong case for pleasure with latest addition to its sexual wellness brand

The sensation of touch is one of our earliest interactions with the wider world and perhaps the most fundamental to our happiness and emotional wellbeing. This brand-new toy collection from Skins Sexual Health enables women to get back in touch with their innermost desires through its pleasure-led, design driven range of luxurious toys.

Each toy in the Skins Touch range is lovingly sculpted using FeelMe technology – an innovative, double-dipped silicone that is super soft and velvety, emulating the soothing, affirming experience of touch. Unlike other toys on the market currently, the Skins Touch range has a silicone ratio of over 75 percent and no plastic shaft inside as the backup. This means the toys are highly flexible and can be bent into any shape, allowing them to be easily manipulated to fit every woman’s individual body. The result, four tremendously tactile pleasure toys, whose sumptuous feel is surpassed only by the orgasmic bliss they elicit.

The main focus of sexual wellness products is to empower everyone to have a happy and healthy sex life and enjoy the many holistic benefits that this can help deliver,” states Richie Bowles, CEO of Skins Sexual Health. “Sexually active adults worldwide are changing the face of sexual wellness and demanding greater empowerment when it comes to their own sexual feelings and enjoyment. This new collection was designed with pure pleasure in mind and grows on the previous success of our Skins Minis range and the Skins Rose Buddies collection, opening up the avenues for people to choose sexual wellness products that satisfy their own, personal needs.”

The Skins Touch collection features The Wand, The Rabbit, The Glee Spot and The Pebble. Lovingly created for both internal and external stimulation, the powerful, ergonomic, and weighty Wand features an enlarged, ribbed tip and a beautifully bendy body to perfectly fit the contours of every body whether inside or out. The perfect union of power and precision, the Rabbit is designed to stimulate the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously for blissful blended orgasms. Its bendy body has a wide, ridged tip for enhanced internal sensations and a flexible, external arm with a second motor for super-charged vibrations. Intuitively designed for the user’s pleasure, the satin-smooth Glee Spot’s flexible form feels like an intimate hug delivering next-level G-spot orgasms and features a simple one-touch control to allows users to easily cycle through eight vibration modes. Designed for external stimulation, the Pebble is ergonomically sculpted to fit every body for deeply satisfying clitoral orgasms. Then pleasure modes, four tactile ridges and a sleek, curved body, ensures this discreet palm-sized vibe matches the user’s individual rhythm perfectly.

The Skins Touch collection is available now from Skins Sexual Health and Creative Conceptions Ltd.