Biird and Pure launch an orgasmic collaboration

Biird is delighted to present its latest object of pleasure: The limited edition Gii x Pure. Designed as part of an exclusive partnership with Pure, the avantgarde dating app, Gii x Pure provides a fresh look at self-pleasure and dating.

For the National Sexual Wellness Month, Pure, whose mission is to help people take full advantage of their dating experiences on an emotional, sexual and intellectual level, is aiming to contribute to a more fulfilling first date. Their solution? The Gii x Pure G-Spot vibrator, in collaboration with Biird

Pre-baiting: The Promise of a Successful Date

‘Pre-baiting’, or indulging in self pleasure before an important event or a high stress situation, can lead to relaxation, mental clarity and an increase in confidence. For many, sex toys are the key to pleasure in bed, whether shared with a partner after a successful date or solo afterwards.

Kicking off this exciting collaboration is a survey conducted by Pure with more than 1000 of its users, in which 71% say they masturbate before a date, especially first dates, and 41% confirmed that masturbation before a date would considerably improve their feeling of relaxation and self-confidence.

Biird and Pure collaborated to boost user’s self confidence, sensuality and feeling of connection, linking the emotional, sexual and intellectual aspects of a date. Serving as their manifesto, the Gii x Pure G-Spot vibrator redefines pleasure and dates.

Gii isn’t just a vibrator; it’s a blend of design and pleasure. Perfect for those seeking sophistication and innovation in self care. The limited edition contains several goodies linked to the universe of Pure and the design of its handle has been reworked with a stunning shining wave effect.

Embark on a journey where self-care encounters sensuality and where intimacy merges with innovation. Available starting today, a new world of pleasure awaits.