Lingox Masturbator Instructor Edition

Lingox releases Instructor Collection

Lingox is presenting its new range of products, called the Instructor Collection. They’re new models of the Triple Masturbator, with a military look, new designs, color shades and textures. Lingox are confident that these new products will delight the clients of the Spanish brand and also assure: “This new range is just one of the many innovations that Lingox will bring to the market in the coming months.”

The Instructor Collection by Lingox is inspired by the military world: “We wanted to create a range of powerful and strong male masturbators that help to our clients to improve their sexual relationships and his own personal satisfaction and pleasure. We’re talking about masturbators of the highest quality and exclusive design due to its triple function never seen before in the sex toys market. Definitely, there is nothing better than a good military workout and a good instructor to increase your sexual skills and your ability as a lover”, Lingox said.

Furthermore, the new male masturbators of the Instructor Collection bring a new color of their masturbator mouths, similar to that of human skin. This color has been developed by Lingox during the recent months. This new color of the masturbator sleeve adds up to its triple functionality.

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