Bijoux Indiscrets adds CBD Oils to ‘Slow Sex’ Collection

Bijoux Indiscrets has updated their SLOW SEX brand collection with 2 new additions: a CBD-infused arousal oil and a CBD-infused oral sex oil, both available immediately for wholesale.

Arousal Sex Oil with CBD, a sensitizing oil for solo or partner sex, and Oral Sex Oil with CBD, a flavored, edible oil to enhance oral sex for giver and receiver, join the existing SLOW SEX collection of mainstream retail-friendly, sensual body products.

Company co-founder Elsa Viegas says her inclusion of cannabis-based ingredients was a thoughtful and inspired move.

“Stress can significantly impact sexual well-being, leading to tension and anxiety that diminish pleasure. CBD oils, or cannabidiol, have shown promise in reducing stress and promoting relaxation,” Viegas explains.

“By interacting with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate daily functions like appetite, mood, memory, and reproductive function, CBD may help create a more relaxed state of mind and body, enhancing sensations and increasing the capacity for pleasure,” says Viegas. “This natural remedy offers a promising path for those seeking to enhance their pleasure and elevate their intimate experiences.”

These latest additions to SLOW SEX include:

  • Arousal Oil with CBD, an exquisite blend combining the power of premium CBD with natural botanicals. Containing skin-loving ingredients like lavender oil, rose hip oil, and shea butter with the blood flow-enhancing properties of cannabidiol, this sensual oil is safe for genital and internal use for all genders, and promises more sensation during partner or solo sex and genital massage.

  • Oral Sex Oil with CBD, an oral sex oil to dab gently on the genitals or drizzle onto the lips. Enhanced with peppermint oil for flavor and tingle, cannabidiol more intense for skin-on-skin sensation, and cannabis sativa oil to soothe the skin and quell inflammation, this premium formula heightens sensations and brings a new level of pleasure to oral play.

B2B partners and retailers are encouraged to contact or their preferred distributor to receive special product samples for staff and in-store marketing displays and posters.