Lümmeltüten – the quality standard

The rebranded condom brand Lümmeltüten is ready to be ordered at Scala Playhouse! These condoms are within all European safety regulations and offer a great value for money for your consumer. Lümmeltüten offers a variety of four types of condoms; Classic, Strong, Thin and Mix.
The German name Lümmeltüten can be translated as a funny, light and easy name for a condom, like “raincoat” or “French letter” in the English language. Lümmeltüten is one of Beate Uhse’s own drugstore brands.

The Classic condoms of Lümmeltüten are the best-selling standard condoms and available as a 1-piece promo item, a 12-pieces box, a 100-pieces bag and a 1000-pieces bag.

The Thin condoms are for extra feeling and the Strong condoms are perfect for anal sex or for people who like it a little more rough, both available in a 12-pieces box. The Mix-version of Lümmeltüten consists of two of the following; red strawberry flavored, black chocolate flavored, yellow banana flavored, ribbed, studded and ribbed & studded, the Mix-version contains condoms that are equally safe as the Classic, Thin and Strong.

The designs of the rebranded Lümmeltüten are created to make condoms approachable to buy for everyone. And with the lock on top of the packaging, you can present the 12-pieces packages hanging or as a stand-alone presentation.