Bijoux Indiscrets debuts Full ‘Clitherapy’ range

Bijoux Indiscrets has added two new additions to the company’s Clitherapy product collection: oral sex mints and a ‘liquid vibrator’ gel.

Clitherapy is a 7-piece collection packaged in eye-catching, iridescent colors and branded tongue-in-cheek for the digital dating generation. All 7 products humorously entice clitoris owners to embrace solo pleasure in lieu of another Tinder let-down.

“What started as a fun kind of collection, highlighting the new ‘problems’ and behaviors that dating apps and technology have brought to our lives, like sexting and ghosting, ended up being a very successful collection: Clitherapy,” says Viegas.

The latest editions to Clitherapy include:

-It’s A Match, a gel made for direct application to the clitoris. Dubbed a ‘liquid vibrator’ by the company, users feel a warming, tingling effect that lasts up to 40 minutes. Acmella flower extract creates the tingle, while Thermolat warms and Aloe Vera adds moisture. It’s A Match liquid vibrator is condom and sex toy-compatible, and made with eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.

-Swipe Remedy, a small tin of mints made just for oral sex. Compatible for use on penises and vaginas, these peppermint-flavored, menthol mints add a gentle cooling effect to oral pleasure while providing minty fresh flavor. Swipe Remedy mints are FDA and CE approved, and body-safe for all genitals and use with sex toys or condoms. 

The entire Clitherapy brand line also includes 4 sensitizing clitoral balms and a finger vibrator.

Titled ‘Horny Jar,’ ‘Sexting Balm,’ ‘Ghosting Remedy,’ and ‘Bad Day Killer,’ each balm is respectively scented with star anise, vetiver, spicy ginger or sandalwood. Each balm produces a warming effect when gently applied to the clitoris and labia that lasts for at least 30 minutes of play. Sweet almond oil, Shea butter, and cocoa butter ingredients are compatible with all erotic toys and produce a silky smooth texture when massaged into the skin.

The Better Than Your Ex finger vibrator includes 10 intensity levels of vibration, 3 of which are unique patterns. Ergonomic and coated in medical-grade silicone, the Better Than Your Ex vibe slips over a finger with a stretchy, silicone ring and runs on 3 LR44 batteries. 

“It is not only fun, but it is also a way of talking about pleasure for people with a clitoris,” said Viegas of the Clitherapy collection. “Life is better with a bit of humor, and when it comes to pleasure, masturbation, and clitoris conversations, people often do not feel comfortable. This is a way of starting the conversation, a very necessary one.”