Blush expands Dr. Skin Silicone Collection with new powerful thrusting dildos

Blush is proud to present their latest in lifelike pleasure innovation: Dr. Skin Silicone lifelike thrusting dildos. These high-quality, ultra-realistic thrusters are designed for power, pleasure, and realism thanks to their ergonomic handles, simple single-button controls, and three powerful speeds of thrusting, gyrating, and vibration.

 Designed to revolutionize intimate moments, Dr. Arthur and Dr. Knight each feature a veined shaft and ridged head for a lifelike look that most thrusters on the market lack. Equipped with Blush’s exclusive SmartThrust Technology, Dr. Skin Silicone Thrusters deliver realistic thrusting pleasure with high torque motors that don’t stop, even when users’ muscles contract with pleasure during play.

“Dr. Skin is one of our most consistent lines and it continues to impress our customers,” Blush Sales Manager Nancy Cosimini said. “Dr. Skin Silicone was already popular and strongly represented in the dildo category, and it only made sense to expand into thrusting technology that mimics the sensation of insertive sex. Thrusters are a growing category, and these new Dr. Skin thrusters provide the lifelike appearance and realism that the competition lacks. We’re excited for our customers to get them in stock!”