Charging adult toys discreetly with the EroVolt Powerbank

On the bedside table, via the cord under your pillow or just next to the wall socket: erotic toys need to be recharged. Not really practical with children or others nearby. The EroVolt Powerbank charges USB-charged toys discreetly. The Powerbank is now available via Concepts of Love. More and more adult toys are USB rechargeable. This is easier, cheaper and better for the environment. The EroVolt Powerbank is the solution to charge erotic toys out of sight.

The manufacturer markets the EroVolt Powerbank as a product for upselling. During the sales process of each USB charged toy an Erovolt Powerbank can be advised along with it.  The powerbank is available at Eropartner Distribution.

Technical specifications
The EroVolt Powerbank has a capacity of 8000mAh/3 .7V/44Wh and is available in blue, silver and pink. It is equipped with the EroVolt logo, but nothing refers to eroticism. The Powerbank is very suitable for charging mobile phones, tablets or other USB-chargeable devices. After use, it can be charged via the wall socket. The list price of the Powerbank is € 25.00