CHISA presents Señuelo – A new concept of tempting toys

The new sex toy range Señuelo presented by Chisa is a whole new range that expands on pleasurable body exploration, including some competitive, tempting nipple clamps and butt plugs, better to arouse erotic desire for more intense play. These toys in this range are a great choice to full play one’s erotic imagination. It is based on deep dark colors, aiming for a more sexy and excellent sexual experience.

Just like the name of this collection, the included selections are specially designed to ignite the dark desires hidden deep within. The dark color of the packaging and toys is easily reminiscent of that flirting night. When everything is quiet, this collection is a source of pleasure exclusively for couples. And the erotic journey of desire is just beginning.

The target customers of this range are of all genders. Both men and women can use beautiful toys to deepen their desire for sex. Exquisite decorations are mainly in the shape of sweet hearts and neat bows. Wearing them is like a carefully prepared gift, waiting to be opened and enjoyed. This range is full of strong sexual innuendo with bright or strong colors, and it’s easy to imagine what will happen when they are used. Meticulously crafted details mean these toys are luxurious and distinctive, combining fetishism and fashion at a competitive price. This range can have something for everyone. Now it is available.