Cumera – New from International Lovecherry

International Lovecherry offers to experience the pinnacle of innovation in male masturbation with Cumera – an automatic masturbator that redefines pleasure from the ENGILY ROSS brand. Cumera boasts a revolutionary design and exceptional features, setting it apart from conventional devices. Its ground-breaking design features dual ends, each engineered to deliver a distinct pleasure experience. At one end lies a sleek sleeve with a textured interior, offering 7 intense vibration functions. But the real excitement begins at the wider end, where another sleeve awaits with a unique texture, providing 7 functions of intense rotation and thrusting movements. This combination envelops the penis in a world of unparalleled pleasure. “We’ve seamlessly merged powerful vibration with dynamic movements, granting maximum versatility. With its open design on both ends, you have the freedom to tailor the experience to perfection”, the company says.  For added convenience, the narrower sleeve can be detached, transforming into a standalone manual masturbator. Cleaning is effortless too—simply twist to separate the sleeve from Cumera’s body. Crafted from soft, safe materials, Cumera’s sleeves maximize stimulation.

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