New arrival: DO ME shot

Do Me, a unisex aphrodisiac drink of 60ml that enhances sexual desire and stimulates body and mind, is ready for mass production. Being 100% natural and vegetarian with no superficial preservatives or colouring, DO ME has introduced itself to the adult industry during eroFame 2017 in Hannover.

The complex formal procedures and the necessity to re-evaluate suppliers in the company ecosystem delayed the DO ME launch by several months. However, keeping product quality and the company’s fundamental commitment to a customer-centric business approach as two leading factors, DO ME delivers an attractive offering in the field of aphrodisiacs supported with the high-end eye-catchy POS designs available now in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Polish and Italian. New POS items are being delivered each day.

The customer-centric business model means that the company is assessing each request with the customer being involved centrally in the decision-making process. Supported by the client’s market knowledge, DO ME aims to deliver the most impactful offerings as a base for their solid partnerships. The expanding company tends to evaluate each learning point understanding that continuous improvement practices are the only way to meet the challenges of businesses expecting strong growth.

The company takes its expertise regarding the drink substance from its licenced EU production partner functioning globally and with more than 20 years of tradition in the Food&Beverages sector. DO ME drink is an innovation on the expanding market of shot drinks sold in adult retail stores that is expected to rapidly increase in innovation rate in years to come. DO ME production efficiency is on IFS Food certification.