Dame introduces intimacy games to their product line, starting with Dice

Dame has debuted its first intimacy game, Dice. Designed to playfully explore desires and ignite passions, the Dice are intended to help set the mood with a game where everyone wins

Dame’s Dice are available for 10€, and include a set of red and blue dice that denote body parts (red) and action (blue). To play, a person rolls both dice and is met with a recommended action to be performed on a recommended body part. The playful dice are engraved with words and actions like kiss, bite, lick, neck, lip, nipples. This is a great added-value item next to Dame’s premium range of pleasure products.

The Dice are a first-of-its-kind product for Dame, as the brand continues to explore ways to make pleasure more accessible, and sex more fun. The launch of Dice follows Dame’s acquisition of Emojibator, and their introduction of STI Kits, marking a monumental year for Dame as they expand to new product categories and work to touch more consumers.