Decor 2 – OTOUCH launches new masturbator

OTOUCH has added the DECOR 2 manual masturbator to its collection of pleasure products. DECOR 2 is a luxurious male masturbator with a sanitizing UV lamp and warming rod. The heated case warms the sleeve to the perfect temperature for a realistic sensation. The UV lamp and heating holder work concurrently when power on, and will automatic power-off when the masturbator warms up to a max of 55±5℃, and will work again when the temperature drops to 50±5℃.
The disinfection by ultraviolet light has long been treated as an effective way to kill germs. OTOUCH has added the UV lamp to the heating holder and make it work the same time when heating, so it can protect the health of the user. In the evening, it can also work as a beautiful mood lamp.
DECOR 2 has 3 different optional manual masturbators: the whirlppol, Billow, and Ripple, each of them has different ridges and studs. They are all of the same size – 128 × 63 mm. For more info, please visit or send an email to