Kheper, Inc. launches new Blue Potleaf Ashtray

Kheper, Inc. is formally launching a new Blue Potleaf Ashtray, which is a blue pot-leaf-shaped addition to their line of novelty ashtrays.

Kheper Inc. is releasing the ashtray as a follow up to the Potleaf Ashtrays that have grown recently in popularity. It joins the highly successful original Green Potleaf Ashtray, Pink Potleaf Ashtray, and recently added Purple Potleaf Ashtray.

We are thrilled to see sales in our novelties and barware lines expanding again as people are getting back to more normal social lives.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “Our cups have always been popular and fun for holidays and other special occasions. And expanding further into other types of fun novelties for drinkers and smokers has been lucrative with more pot consumption becoming legalized in many states and countries.”