DUSEDO is introducing the ultimate breath control experience

Are you ready to take your breath play to new heights? Look no further! DUSEDO brings you the perfect combination of versatility and excitement with their mounting and hanging board, paired with the Gas Mask Air Mix Control Bar. Their state-of-the-art mounting and hanging board is designed to make your playroom a haven for thrilling experiences. Crafted from durable hard plastic, it features secure clamps that seamlessly click the Air Mix Control Bar into place. The suspension eyes, equipped with robust D-locks, ensure even the use of coarse chains for hanging is a breeze. Each connection boasts its own operable shut-off valve, designed for easy handling. Even with slippery hands or when wearing thick rubber gloves.

But that’s not all – their rubber bellows add an exciting twist to the gas mask play. They can be used as an external ‘lung’, capturing the air breathed in and enhancing the experience. By feeding the bellows with exhaled air, it is possible to create a fully closed rebreather system, intensifying the erotic tension as the oxygen content of the recycled air heightens the anticipation. Imagine the thrill of experiencing a fully immersive and continuous breath cycle like never before. DUSEDO’s Army Gas Mask Full Rebreather Converter opens up a world of possibilities for intense breath play and exploration. Every breath taken will be magnified, heightening the anticipation and adding a level of excitement. Designed with utmost comfort and safety for the user in mind, this converter ensures a secure and seamless fit, allowing the user to fully immerse in the rebreather experience.

DUSEDO is also thrilled to present the ultimate solution for maintaining hydration without compromising the gas mask experience – the Drink Bottle with Hose for their Alien Gas Mask. Imagine never having to remove the gas mask to quench your thirst again. With this remarkable addition, the user can now enjoy seamless access to water while fully immersed in the gas mask play. Designed specifically for their Alien Gas Mask, this drink bottle connects effortlessly to provide an uninterrupted and exhilarating experience.