Extreme pleasure awaits with Hidden Desire

Introducing the latest additions to the Extreme collection by Hidden Desire, now exclusively available for retailers at SCALA. Unlock a world of unparalleled pleasure with two newest additions to the Extreme collection by Hidden Desire. Crafted with care and designed for those seeking ultimate satisfaction, these products redefine the boundaries of pleasure.

Beaded Anal Power Vibrator

Explore new realms of pleasure with the Beaded Anal Power Vibrator. Crafted from soft silicone for luxurious comfort, this vibrator features 10 vibration modes, including 3 speeds and 7 patterns, designed to cater to every desire. Feel the deep, rumbling vibrations as you explore the unique sensation of anal beads, leading you to an explosive climax like never before. With its waterproof design, USB rechargeability, and durable construction, this vibrator is built to last. Surrender to its intense vibrations and prepare for an explosive climax unlike any other.

Anal Power Vibrator

Experience intense pleasure like never before with the Anal Power Vibrator. Designed for smooth insertion and deep penetration, this vibrator features a powerful motor that delivers mind-blowing rumbling vibrations to guide you towards ecstasy. Made from 100% pure silicone, it offers both durability and comfort, while its range of vibration modes ensures an exhilarating experience every time.