FirmTech introduces the Max Performance Ring

FirmTech, the innovative sexual wellness company, introduced the Max Performance Ring (MaxPR). They created this fresh iteration of their popular, award-winning Performance Ring (FPR) in response to customer requests for a slimmer, snugger c-ring. While tighter, the MaxPR retains the comfortable elastomer and easy on and off hook and latch design as the original FPR. The MaxPR will keep men harder, longer, and stimulate extremely strong orgasms

FirmTech’s MaxPR delivers rock-hard erections and intense orgasms without sacrificing form or function,” said Sam Itshaki, CEO, Dr. Joel Kaplan, Inc. “I have tried every c-ring style. FirmTech’s adjustable constriction rings are by far the most comfortable constriction devices on the market, and should be considered the gold standard for performance c-rings.”

The Max Performance Ring features flexible medical grade elastomer and FirmTech’s patented double ring hook and loop closure. This asymmetrical latch and loop design allows for easy placement and safe removal of the device around sensitive anatomy. The device can be worn comfortably for up to an hour and a half, much longer than conventional c-rings.

We received feedback from satisfied Performance Ring customers that sometimes, they’d like a c-ring with a tighter fit that doesn’t pinch the penis like the silicone rings made from harder material, and that can be worn for more than 20 minutes without strangling the penis.  So we notched up the elastomer a bit for a firmer grip while avoiding choking off the blood flow into the penis,” said Elliot Justin, M.D., FACFP and FirmTech founder. “This design holds the maximum amount of blood in the penis for a very hard erection and intense pleasure.”