Friend with Benefits is now available at EDC Wholesale

The lifelike and affordable masturbators from Friend with Benefits are the perfect choice for every man and available to order at EDC Wholesale. Every masturbator feels just like the real thing and is always ready to please. 

The collection offers 14 masturbators, with a variation of sleeves, butts, hips, and torsos, made from high-quality TPR that feels silky soft and realistic. The material bends and moves easily to every rhythm during penetration. The inner structures of the masturbators are all unique and offer a sensational experience each time. 

To offer an even more realistic experience, the product names are all related to fictional female names, like Asley Rose, Nicole Adams, and Jessica Walker. The package design is discreet with appealing images and soft tone colors to attract both male and female customers to encourage couples to play with the masturbators.

The collection is divided into three categories. Offering medium-sized sleeves in the ONE NIGHT STAND collection with vagina and anus openings. The REBOUND GIRL collection offers larger size sleeves with a greater variety of vagina openings and inner structures, while BOOTY CALL offers butts, hips, and torsos to simulate realistic sex positions.