Get Real by TOYJOY now available at Scala Playhouse

The recently revamped Get Real by TOYJOY collection is now ready to order at Scala Playhouse. The range of ‘natural’ pleasure providers now offers more realistic silhouettes. The new Get Real by TOYJOY collection has undergone a minor make-over to now offer even more ‘natural’ essentials for realistics loving consumers. The brand now offers three distinct collections, each targeting a unique audience. According to Scala Playhouse, the earlier success of Get Real by TOYJOY showed that the market for lifelike pleasure providers is still going strong.

One of the three new distinct lines in the Get Real by TOYJOY range is the Classics collection. “As its name suggest, Classics is all about celebrating our favorite natural silhouettes; shapes and sizes that have proven to be best-sellers in the realistic segment. The Classics collection offers great value for money choices; including designs in a variety of silhouettes like the Mini Smooth, Mini Classic, Mini G-Spot and the Classic Slim. The range also features colors like flesh, purple, black and pink, plus comes in a contemporary packaging,” the manufacturer said.