Honey Play Box introduces ADRIAN: The world’s first deep diving fully waterproof male masturbator

Honey Play Box is excited to announce the release of its latest innovation, ADRIAN, an unprecedented water massage masturbator cup. This cutting-edge device redefines male masturbation by combining three astonishing features together: a powerful water massage, invigorating rotating actions, and fully waterproof technology.

Compared to most automatic male masturbators on the market, ADRIAN stands out by being fully waterproof—meaning it’ll function perfectly, even while completely submerged underwater. It accomplishes this feat with its ingenious design, which protects the motor and battery in a water-tight compartment, eliminating the potential for water damage. It’ll turn any shower, bathtub, or pool into an orgasmic oasis!

If you don’t want to take things underwater, you can also add water to ADRIAN’s sleeve and surf through its five amazing rotating modes. You’ll find your rhythm and indulge in a whirlpool of extraordinary satisfaction! Pour cold water or slightly warm water into ADRIAN’s sleeve to experience the best of both worlds!

We wanted to transform the masturbation experience by doing something unique, and incorporating water into the design was the answer. Honey Play Box’s ADRIAN is the first ever device to combine fully waterproof tech with a rotating water massager, creating a truly outstanding crossover—a true underwater pleasure hero,” says a Honey Play Box representative. “We know that this innovative toy will take our customers on an unparalleled, wet and wild pleasure ride!”

This device also incorporates an innovative disassembly design, allowing you to remove its inner piece effortlessly, making it a 2-in-1 use toy. It functions as a masturbator for orgasmic pleasure, while also serving as a penis exerciser to maintain stamina when used without the case. We crafted it from premium and body-safe materials, which are hypoallergenic, non-reactive and safe for sensitive skin. Honey Play Box guarantees the sexual wellness of each user, just as it guarantees their sexual pleasure.”

The textured inner sleeve, which is soft yet tough, boasts flexible ridges and bumps to envelope your shaft and treat you to incredible sensations. And there’s more! The cup includes seven, built-in ambient lights in different colors, setting the mood for unforgettable moments of pleasure.

ADRIAN is available from now on.