INTENSE FETISH is now available at Dreamlove

INTENSE FETISH is the name of the new collection from INTENSE, consisting of a variety of accessories designed specifically for BDSM practices. All products are made with cruelty-free materials such as vegan leather, metal, and neoprene. In addition of being durable, these materials are also hypoallergenic. The new collection includes wrist and ankle cuffs, a paddle, a collar, a blindfold, and a gag. These accessories enable a variety of activities, such as restricting mobility with the cuffs, defining roles within the game with the gag or collar, and experimenting with sensory restraint using the blindfold. Discipline instruments such as the flogger and paddle are also included, ideal for those who enjoy spanking. Each accessory comes in a box with a unique and elegant design, adding a special touch to the experience. The entire INTENSE FETISH collection is now available at