International Lovecherry presents ActiveJoy

With their new app ActiveJoy International Lovecherry is redefining pleasure. “Explore a new dimension of intimacy, where pleasure is literally in your hands! No Registration, No Profiles – your privacy is our priority!” the company announces. The features of ActiveJoy are:

Maximum Confidentiality: Securely explore your desires without notifications or storing personal data. Your experience is yours alone.

– Total Control in Local Mode: Handle erotic toys like a remote control. Adjust intensity, speed and vibration patterns effortlessly.

– Global Remote Connection: Break geographical barriers! Authorize your partner worldwide to control toys through the app.

– Diverse Interaction Modes: From automatic modes to touch control, sync with music, or a partner of your choice – personalized experiences await!

GDPR Compliant: Your privacy is sacred. Our app strictly follows European data protection regulations, ensuring utmost respect for your information.

– Total Compatibility: Enjoy control and connection seamlessly on both Apple and Android devices.

– Quick Download: Find ActiveJoy on the App Store or Google Play, and one-click download brings pleasure to your fingertips.

– Constant Updates: Experience improvement with regular updates – new features, modes, and compatibility with the latest iOS/Android versions.

– European Servers: Your security matters. Our app is hosted on European servers, ensuring a controlled and secure environment.

– Available for many Intoyou toys, distributed International Lovecherry